Building Tours with F&S Leaders

One of the primary and overarching priorities of F&S is to actively support the university’s core missions, which encompass education, research, and outreach. Central to this commitment is the continuous enhancement and upkeep of the facilities and grounds that make up the campus environment. To ensure that this mission is diligently carried out, F&S leaders maintain a focus on the physical state of the university. … Continue reading Building Tours with F&S Leaders

Letter from Dr. Ehab Kamarah

As the university welcomes students back to on-campus learning, we again recognize the efforts of those like our building service workers, who adjust to new challenges brought by the response to the pandemic, and other staff who stayed on the front lines even during the height of stay-at-home orders. Properly and safely running essential services across campus had to continue. And yet our staff continue … Continue reading Letter from Dr. Ehab Kamarah