cement finishers at work

Shop Spotlight: Cement Finishers

We Pour More! F&S crafts & trades finish the job. So when Armory Avenue was dug up to repair underground infrastructure, the cement finishers made it whole again with new pathways. Craig Harris, cement finishers foreperson, believes the team can tackle most projects on campus. The new cement on Armory went a few places: the street and curb, a portion of the sidewalk, and inside … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Cement Finishers

ECE Pat on the Back

A Sign of Appreciation

Building service workers (BSWs) Tim Rash, Scott Johnson, Tina Wang, Thongpath Boonyang, and Jayson Oskard were delivered a “Pat on the Back,” for work done this past spring in support of the Engineering Open House. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering sent a “thank you” card featuring the signatures of many appreciative colleagues. The BSWs prepared and maintained public areas in the Electrical and … Continue reading A Sign of Appreciation

Artist Cynthia Miller with F&S Carpenters Curtis Wayne and Jed Brummer

Capital Programs, Carpenters Complete Artist’s ‘Vision’

Talbot Laboratory, home to the Grainger College of Engineering, now hosts a 39-piece art display from a University of Illinois graduate. Artist Cynthia Miller specializes in copper enameling and is extremely appreciative of the effort it took to install, which included F&S in both planning and execution. Miller’s work, called ‘Cosmic Vision,’ is large-scale—nearly twice as large as anything she has made—and is featured in … Continue reading Capital Programs, Carpenters Complete Artist’s ‘Vision’

roofer foreperson with ropes

Shops Soaring for Safety

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) sets industry standards and awards certifications regarding rope safety. F&S roofers and sheet metal workers, which utilize ropes and access techniques to repair roofs or conduct building maintenance inspections recently learned some of these skills as part of a training course. Patrick Wood, coordinator of special programs, Building Maintenance, and Shane Carr, roofer foreperson, led the initiative … Continue reading Shops Soaring for Safety

Tours Open Again

The impact of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread. Most operational aspects at F&S continued, but under much different guidelines and challenges than before. One that couldn’t continue: public tours. As a university resource provider, F&S offers facility tour opportunities, especially to students and children. Garage and Car Pool; Waste Transfer Station Nobody loves big trucks more than a bunch of little kids! … Continue reading Tours Open Again

Shop Spotlight: Temperature Control

It’s been a big couple of years for HVAC. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technologies have never been under more scrutiny and attention, due to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A multi-disciplinary team, including leaders from F&S in construction, HVAC, and safety, oversaw the examination of all current and installation of new university HVAC systems. To see a published list of completed work, visit:https://go.fs.illinois.edu/HVACSystems. … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Temperature Control

Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Pipes surround us! Inside the hundreds of buildings and acres of land encompassing the Urbana campus, F&S plumbers have a lot of responsibilities to keep liquid moving. They are in charge of all fixtures you’d regularly find in any building, including faucets, toilets, urinals, sinks, drinking fountains, sanitary and storm pump systems, and hot water heat exchangers. The plumbers also repair, maintain, and install more … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S

To best explore a potential career in the crafts and trades, local high school students were able to walk a mile in tradespeople’s shoes. Or in this case, carry the 40-pound tool strap of ironworker Erik “Cable” Davis. “It’s not too heavy now, but carry it on your back for a full day’s work and you’ll feel it,” Davis explained to groups visiting teens. Many … Continue reading Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S