Alma Mater with a bowtie after the death of Nick Holonyak Jr.

An LED Campus: For Nick Holonyak Jr.

Greg Moen easily recalls the first time he met Nick Holonyak Jr. Moen has been with F&S since 1999, first as an electrician and now as supervisor of building craftspersons, where he oversees laborer-electricians, insulators, and machinists. Holonyak— “pioneer of LED lighting,” and beloved Illinois alumnus and professor—died September 18 in Urbana. He was 93.  “He is credited with the development of the first practical … Continue reading An LED Campus: For Nick Holonyak Jr.

Spooky spaces steam tunnels

Spooky Spaces: Steam Tunnels

Steam distribution operators provide quick and efficient problem resolution to trouble calls received through the service office and after hours from public safety dispatch for: All types of leaks Gas or unidentifiable odor calls Unfamiliar noises Abnormal conditions of facilities Equipment failure The steam tunnel are for utilities distribution to campus and for authorized personnel only. Any unauthorized persons in the tunnels will be subject to … Continue reading Spooky Spaces: Steam Tunnels

new desk at ARC from mill

Mill Shapes an Oval at ARC

I love to hear the reaction from our students and patrons when they see the improvements we’ve made. The reception of the new Member Services desk, along with the addition of the automatic turnstiles, has been very positive. We listen with the intent to understand and make improvements, and we were able to do that with this project. Terry Elmore, Associate Director of Operations F&S … Continue reading Mill Shapes an Oval at ARC

all-electric trucks

Ahead of the Curve and All Electric

Coming to campus: all-electric trucks. The two new Ford F-150 Lightning work trucks move F&S people and equipment using no gas. The vehicles will hit campustown roads in the fall. F&S Garage mechanics will attend training sessions from the manufacturer directly. These two trucks are among the first delivered in the region. They were “born” on May 4, only 2 ½ weeks after the first … Continue reading Ahead of the Curve and All Electric