New crane at Undergraduate Library

Big Blue: New Crane Acquired to Use on UGL Renovation

The Undergraduate Library is changing. The underground facility long used by students is moving most of its resources to the Main Library. Demolition is part of the makeover, and F&S operating engineers play a big role. As put by The Daily Illini: After it shuts its doors… the Undergraduate Library will be closed for construction as part of a project to transform it into a … Continue reading Big Blue: New Crane Acquired to Use on UGL Renovation

Shop Spotlight: Operating Engineers with heavy machinery in transportation bay.

Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers

Who doesn’t want to play in the dirt?? Stephanie Amabeli, F&S Operator Engineer F&S operating engineers learn and use machinery to aid in construction, renovation, and other labor across campus. Small machines plow snow from paths. Backhoes move earth to access underground networks. Cranes and other extending arm implements take work to the skies. An operator’s very purpose is to support other crafts and trades … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers