Carpenters staging furniture before replacing carpet at NCSA.

Carpenters, Painters, Laborers Take the Stage

Carpenters, painters, and laborers replaced much of the carpeted flooring on the second, third, and fourth floors at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) building. It was an important task in a big location and came with unique challenges. Staging F&S labeled every chair, table, and computer by its office number. Once removed, carpenters and laborers could ensure each piece of furniture go back … Continue reading Carpenters, Painters, Laborers Take the Stage

Summertime Construction

When the COVID-19 pandemic response started in March 2020, hammers stopped hammering and construction came to a standstill for some time. But once health and safety measures were taken into place, F&S Capital Programs had plenty to tackle. The university decided to suspend construction activities for certain capital improvement, small construction, and energy conservation projects. Now, a summer full of construction again hits the Illinois … Continue reading Summertime Construction