F&S Teams Help Preserve History at Skeuomorph Press

Dr. Kamarah and the Facilities & Services leadership team at UIUC have been instrumental in making the seemingly impossible a reality for the Skeuomorph Press, a unique place on campus that preserves traditional printmaking and book arts.

The Skeuomorph Press & BookLab is dedicated to teaching students these traditional crafts; however, the press relies on an array of historical equipment, including iron hand presses that have stood the test of time for over a century.

In a heartfelt message, Ryan Cordell, the Director of Skeuomorph Press, expressed his appreciation for the Facilities & Services team, particularly the ironworkers. Their efforts have enabled the press to maintain its unique educational mission despite the formidable challenges posed by the heavy, aging machinery.

The machinery, weighing several thousand pounds, needed to be relocated. The ironworkers were able to use their expertise and relocate the machines and installed them in the FabLab, ensuring their seamless operation.

The Skeuomorph Press team has also collaborated with the UIUC sheet metal shop, where craftsmen have fabricated replacement parts for these historic machines that are no longer available on the market. This craftsmanship is essential for the preservation of the Press’s equipment, ensuring that generations of students can continue to learn the art of traditional printmaking and bookbinding.