Red light shines inside the Observatory

Deferred Maintenance Aids ‘The Night Spot’

By Trish Barker, LAS New projects, planning, and deep appreciation keep the Observatory looking upward On a typical day, thousands of students, faculty, and staff crisscross campus, hustling from one class, project, meeting, and building to another. During daylight hours, crowds flow in and out of major destinations like Lincoln Hall, the Union, and the Library. Preserving that experience for students and visitors means preserving the … Continue reading Deferred Maintenance Aids ‘The Night Spot’

An Illini Future

The construction project for Altgeld Hall, at the corner of Wright Street and Green Street and home to the Alma Mater statue, and replacement of the historic Illini Hall, just across the street, will help define a vital thoroughfare on campus. The work will help take the College of Liberal Art & Sciences (LAS), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the campus’ future in data … Continue reading An Illini Future

Summertime Construction

When the COVID-19 pandemic response started in March 2020, hammers stopped hammering and construction came to a standstill for some time. But once health and safety measures were taken into place, F&S Capital Programs had plenty to tackle. The university decided to suspend construction activities for certain capital improvement, small construction, and energy conservation projects. Now, a summer full of construction again hits the Illinois … Continue reading Summertime Construction