Arbor Day 2022

Arbor Day 2022

On Arbor Day, April 29, 2022, F&S staff and grounds experts, along with students and campus leaders, planted a tree! The University of Illinois is a Tree Campus USA once again, earning the honor from the Arbor Day Foundation for the following: “To obtain this distinction, your campus has met the five core standards for sustainable campus forestry required by Tree Campus Higher Education, including establishment … Continue reading Arbor Day 2022

Tours Open Again

The impact of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread. Most operational aspects at F&S continued, but under much different guidelines and challenges than before. One that couldn’t continue: public tours. As a university resource provider, F&S offers facility tour opportunities, especially to students and children. Garage and Car Pool; Waste Transfer Station Nobody loves big trucks more than a bunch of little kids! … Continue reading Tours Open Again

Four and Looking for More

After winning four straight times in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge, the U of I can still save more energy and money in the future, particularly if Paul Foote has his way. “I want every lab on campus to know about and participate in the Freezer Challenge,” said Foote, energy conservation specialist. “Small changes, like defrosting a freezer or adjusting its temperature, can have a … Continue reading Four and Looking for More

Seeing St. Mary’s in a New Light

St. Mary’s Road is an important corridor on campus, linking south Champaign with key U of I facilities like the National Petascale Computing Facility, home to world-class supercomputers, the Research Park, and of course, access to Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) buildings and parking lots. So, what exactly will you see? Well, for one, you’ll see better. Improved lighting and easy-to-find crosswalks will aid pedestrians … Continue reading Seeing St. Mary’s in a New Light

Red Oak Rain Garden’s Final Phase: The Bridge

The Urbana campus has welcomed a new notable landmark: the recently redesigned Red Oak Rain Garden, complete with a brilliant, locally culled wood pedestrian bridge. Completed in June, the bridge is made of local Black Locust wood from Allerton Park & Retreat Center with high tension cable railing. It is 40-feet long, 42-inches tall, and 9-feet wide. The garden is located in Urbana between Allen … Continue reading Red Oak Rain Garden’s Final Phase: The Bridge