new desk at ARC from mill

Mill Shapes an Oval at ARC

I love to hear the reaction from our students and patrons when they see the improvements we’ve made. The reception of the new Member Services desk, along with the addition of the automatic turnstiles, has been very positive. We listen with the intent to understand and make improvements, and we were able to do that with this project. Terry Elmore, Associate Director of Operations F&S … Continue reading Mill Shapes an Oval at ARC

cement finishers at work

Shop Spotlight: Cement Finishers

We Pour More! F&S crafts & trades finish the job. So when Armory Avenue was dug up to repair underground infrastructure, the cement finishers made it whole again with new pathways. Craig Harris, cement finishers foreperson, believes the team can tackle most projects on campus. The new cement on Armory went a few places: the street and curb, a portion of the sidewalk, and inside … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Cement Finishers