Morgan White Electrical and Computer Engineering Building ECE net zero energy

“All in” on Zero Energy at ECE: Now 1 Year

A celebration for the 1-year anniversary of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Building’s (ECE) ‘net zero energy’ mark was held there in the atrium, a huge study and hang out location for students. It made sense, given recognition of the building’s ability to impact academic research. Basically, students can plug in at a computer and be able to study how energy is collected, stored, and … Continue reading “All in” on Zero Energy at ECE: Now 1 Year

Turn the Handle: Interactive Mechanical Engineering Artistry

This just in: Just outside the east entrance of the Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) stands a new piece of public art. Called Grasp, the three metal vertical arms move back and forth with the power of a simple handle-crank on the base. On the back of the gearbox, glass panels allow the user to see the gears at work. So, give it a … Continue reading Turn the Handle: Interactive Mechanical Engineering Artistry

Mike Larson, F&S Abbott Power Plant, gives a tour to local girl scouts

Girl Power: Education at Abbott

Local girl scouts came on a Saturday morning to learn about the utility systems operated at Abbott Power Plant. Associate professor in Civil and Electrical Engineering (CEE) in the Grainger College of Engineering, Ashlynn Stillwell helped organize and manage the groups and distributed safety and personal protective equipment (PPE). Stillwell is also the former Central Illinois Girl Scout leader. Kids toured the power plant with … Continue reading Girl Power: Education at Abbott

Four and Looking for More

After winning four straight times in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge, the U of I can still save more energy and money in the future, particularly if Paul Foote has his way. “I want every lab on campus to know about and participate in the Freezer Challenge,” said Foote, energy conservation specialist. “Small changes, like defrosting a freezer or adjusting its temperature, can have a … Continue reading Four and Looking for More

Saving Air Now for Energy Later

F&S’ power production on campus is really great due to the incredible array of production services on campus with the two solar farms, the off-campus wind power purchase agreement, and at Abbott Power Plant. The Abbott combined heat and power facility provides both electric and thermal energy across campus. It has existed for over 80 years, and has a long history of supporting research collaborations. … Continue reading Saving Air Now for Energy Later

Abbott Produces Power… and Data

In March 2021, Dr. Mohamed Attalla, executive director of F&S, presented a paper at the 15th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-15) on the vital role of Abbott Power Plant on campus, not just as an energy generation facility, but as a place that embraces current and future research collaborations. Dr. Attalla was a co-Principal Investigator for Enabling Technology Maturation in Carbon Capture: … Continue reading Abbott Produces Power… and Data

Heat Rising at Campus Instructional Facility

Water matters at the new Campus Instructional Facility (CIF). Whether heating or cooling the new 4-story, 122,000-square-foot building at the corner of Main Street and Wright Street in Urbana, a water-glycol mix will hold the key to cutting operating costs and offering a living laboratory of geothermal energy capabilities. The concept is easy: the temperature underground is more consistent throughout the year than air temperature. … Continue reading Heat Rising at Campus Instructional Facility