high voltage electricians

Shop Spotlight: High Voltage Electricians

When plugging in those string lights, winter holiday decorative trees, and other displays, a wire connects to the outlet. Those plugs send out 120 volts of electricity, keeping lights shining bright throughout the night. One team at F&S regularly deals with and considers lines with a voltage of that times 100. F&S utility distribution electricians, also called high voltage electricians, monitor and repair power lines … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: High Voltage Electricians

Shop Spotlight: Operating Engineers with heavy machinery in transportation bay.

Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers

Who doesn’t want to play in the dirt?? Stephanie Amabeli, F&S Operator Engineer F&S operating engineers learn and use machinery to aid in construction, renovation, and other labor across campus. Small machines plow snow from paths. Backhoes move earth to access underground networks. Cranes and other extending arm implements take work to the skies. An operator’s very purpose is to support other crafts and trades … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers

Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Pipes surround us! Inside the hundreds of buildings and acres of land encompassing the Urbana campus, F&S plumbers have a lot of responsibilities to keep liquid moving. They are in charge of all fixtures you’d regularly find in any building, including faucets, toilets, urinals, sinks, drinking fountains, sanitary and storm pump systems, and hot water heat exchangers. The plumbers also repair, maintain, and install more … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Shop Spotlight: Elevator Mechanics

F&S elevator mechanics ensure safe operation, maintain each component, and make repairs when necessary. Plus, of course, they are dispatched when an elevator is stuck with passengers aboard in any of 184 buildings with elevators on campus. Two primary styles of elevator populate campus, one the “hydraulic,” the other called “traction.” Essentially, the hydraulic style, uses a piston from below the elevator car to push … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Elevator Mechanics