INSIDER Magazine: These Are A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Holly Clem
Facility Operations Coordinator, Animal Care, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Holly Clem’s role is vital to the health and care of all animals on campus, so her needs are not only important, but vast. She counts eight facilities on campus under her watch. “I work with all the F&S shops and love them,” Clem said. “They take care of me. For 24 years I’ve had those relationships and it has been great. I couldn’t get anything done without them.”

Carolyn Turner
Assistant Dean for Administration,
College of Law
Working across the street from this beautifully-kept and bright flower garden, Carolyn Turner said she has an “excellent” relationship with F&S.

“I appreciate that I can call and get someone to respond right away, but knowing I can also place work orders for long-term maintenance needs,” Turner said. “I feel like I know everybody from F&S who comes to our building, and they recognize me. They’re helpful, reliable, and if I have questions, someone is always there.”

Gene Robinson
Director of Institute for Genomic Biology
Gene Robinson’s appreciates a few things about the Japan House and grounds, but noted the “intense” commitment to authenticity there. Gene also noted the way Japan House projects to the public, something he thinks often about as Director of IGB. Mostly, though, he appreciates the gorgeous scenery as a place to take walks with his wife.
In terms of his respect for F&S, emergency response events have occurred in recent years at IGB, and Robinson said two things are impressive to him: “One, the skill and knowledge in the profession. And two is the responsiveness, and that’s to both ongoing needs and emergency needs.”

Meghan Burnett
Director of Information Technology and Operations, College of Media
Every day, Meghan looks forward to the passage between the Medical Sciences Building and Roger Adams Laboratory, just east of the Main Quad. “There’s shade for when I talk to and from work,” Burnett said. “I prefer the walk on a nice day. And there’s usually a breeze, too. It’s a peaceful way to start and end each day.” Working with F&S keeps things positive, too, for Burnett, who is relatively new to the building systems operation and maintenance work. “It’s been great to have them guide me through that.”