F&S Insider: Volume 6, Issue 2

Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director Dr. Ehab Kamarah

2022 was a year of transition.

2023 will be a year for growth.

The long shadow of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is being pushed behind us more and more each day. As F&S continues to collaborate with others on projects that will transform the physical environment of the campus, the organization is well-positioned to use its expertise, experience, and resourcefulness to help lead the university into the future.

Our strategic plan, “Foundations for the Future,” directs our planning and goals through the end of 2023. Our leadership is developing another plan for the next five years. Strategic plan objectives from each of these 10 “themes” have been accomplished:

  • Invest in Our People
  • Practice Sound Project Management
  • Communicate with Stakeholders and Customers
  • Foster Financial Accountability
  • Maintain a Safe and Healthy Workplace
  • Assess Long-term Plans for Deferred and Preventive Maintenance
  • Strengthen Campus Accessibility
  • Support Research and Academic Collaboration
  • Manage Our Learning Spaces Efficiently
  • Lead in Energy Management and Sustainability

Each division within F&S has changed work processes and hit key performance indicators in consideration of new realities. As we consider future strategic planning, many of the same concepts will drive our focus: internal workforce development and cohesiveness, collaborative excellence, and stewardship of historic and life-safety infrastructure and systems. A new strategic plan will soon be developed, with many new goals and responsibilities, but at our core, we will remain the same.

F&S will be there for you.