ECE Pat on the Back

A Sign of Appreciation

Building service workers (BSWs) Tim Rash, Scott Johnson, Tina Wang, Thongpath Boonyang, and Jayson Oskard were delivered a “Pat on the Back,” for work done this past spring in support of the Engineering Open House.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering sent a “thank you” card featuring the signatures of many appreciative colleagues. The BSWs prepared and maintained public areas in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building for visitors to enjoy.

Added Bruce Hajek, ECE department head:

“We had two simultaneous large events and needed the spectacular ECE Building looking its best. We are very grateful for the hard work and extra effort of our F&S building service worker (BSW) crew to support our events and give all our guests a great impression of Illinois ECE! It would be an extremely unpleasant place to work if not for their hard work every day and we all learned in COVID the vital health and safety aspects of their role. BSWs are essential to the smooth operation of this premier department on campus.”

Want to recognize an F&S employee for a job well done? Shout out a star team member at Pats on the Back are distributed to staff weekly. Submissions may be edited for style and length.