Carpenters staging furniture before replacing carpet at NCSA.

Carpenters, Painters, Laborers Take the Stage

Carpenters, painters, and laborers replaced much of the carpeted flooring on the second, third, and fourth floors at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) building. It was an important task in a big location and came with unique challenges. Staging F&S labeled every chair, table, and computer by its office number. Once removed, carpenters and laborers could ensure each piece of furniture go back … Continue reading Carpenters, Painters, Laborers Take the Stage

Shop Spotlight: Operating Engineers with heavy machinery in transportation bay.

Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers

Who doesn’t want to play in the dirt?? Stephanie Amabeli, F&S Operator Engineer F&S operating engineers learn and use machinery to aid in construction, renovation, and other labor across campus. Small machines plow snow from paths. Backhoes move earth to access underground networks. Cranes and other extending arm implements take work to the skies. An operator’s very purpose is to support other crafts and trades … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Operator Engineers


F&S Insider: Volume 6, Issue 2

2022 was a year of transition. 2023 will be a year for growth. The long shadow of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is being pushed behind us more and more each day. As F&S continues to collaborate with others on projects that will transform the physical environment of the campus, the organization is well-positioned to use its expertise, experience, and resourcefulness to help lead … Continue reading F&S Insider: Volume 6, Issue 2

Main Quad rendering for Campus Landscape Master Plan

Campus Landscape Master Plan: Zoom In on the Main Quad

Campus Landscape Master Plan recommendations for the Main Quad District support the rehabilitation of a beloved campus space that is continuously in need of restoration while at the same time highlighting the commitment to resiliency in the core of the campus. 1. Enhance Main Quad Courtyards2. Main Quad Turf Restoration3. Illini Union + Anniversary Plaza Restoration4. Centennial Court Restoration Changes to Anniversary Plaza should respect … Continue reading Campus Landscape Master Plan: Zoom In on the Main Quad

Campus Landscape Master Plan

Campus Landscape Master Plan: Our Treasured Landscape Will Thrive

The CLMP aims to provide detailed objectives to create a campus landscape that fosters an appreciation for the Illinois natural and cultural heritage and protects historic university landscapes. The CLMP will build on three foundational plans and a heritage of designed landscape campus planning that provide agreed upon direction for the campus landscape. The landscape vision set by the Campus Master Plan; the priorities … Continue reading Campus Landscape Master Plan: Our Treasured Landscape Will Thrive

Roofers added safety equipment to the Armory for future maintenance.

Atop the Armory

Safety is top of mind when you overlook campustown from the Armory roof. In November 2022, F&S building maintenance, roofers, and sheet metal workers worked on new Armory safety measures. Workers can use these new features to maintain one of the most iconic roofs in the world. The outside portion of the installation is an epoxy paint-coated weather-proofing collar. The inside is a steel plate … Continue reading Atop the Armory

Alma Mater with a bowtie after the death of Nick Holonyak Jr.

An LED Campus: For Nick Holonyak Jr.

Greg Moen easily recalls the first time he met Nick Holonyak Jr. Moen has been with F&S since 1999, first as an electrician and now as supervisor of building craftspersons, where he oversees laborer-electricians, insulators, and machinists. Holonyak— “pioneer of LED lighting,” and beloved Illinois alumnus and professor—died September 18 in Urbana. He was 93.  “He is credited with the development of the first practical … Continue reading An LED Campus: For Nick Holonyak Jr.

Spooky spaces steam tunnels

Spooky Spaces: Steam Tunnels

Steam distribution operators provide quick and efficient problem resolution to trouble calls received through the service office and after hours from public safety dispatch for: All types of leaks Gas or unidentifiable odor calls Unfamiliar noises Abnormal conditions of facilities Equipment failure The steam tunnel are for utilities distribution to campus and for authorized personnel only. Any unauthorized persons in the tunnels will be subject to … Continue reading Spooky Spaces: Steam Tunnels