Building Tours with F&S Leaders

One of the primary and overarching priorities of F&S is to actively support the university’s core missions, which encompass education, research, and outreach. Central to this commitment is the continuous enhancement and upkeep of the facilities and grounds that make up the campus environment. To ensure that this mission is diligently carried out, F&S leaders maintain a focus on the physical state of the university. … Continue reading Building Tours with F&S Leaders

Tours Open Again

The impact of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread. Most operational aspects at F&S continued, but under much different guidelines and challenges than before. One that couldn’t continue: public tours. As a university resource provider, F&S offers facility tour opportunities, especially to students and children. Garage and Car Pool; Waste Transfer Station Nobody loves big trucks more than a bunch of little kids! … Continue reading Tours Open Again

Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S

To best explore a potential career in the crafts and trades, local high school students were able to walk a mile in tradespeople’s shoes. Or in this case, carry the 40-pound tool strap of ironworker Erik “Cable” Davis. “It’s not too heavy now, but carry it on your back for a full day’s work and you’ll feel it,” Davis explained to groups visiting teens. Many … Continue reading Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S

Notes of Unity with Barry Houser

A man who wears many hats, both figuratively and literally, Barry Houser, the Associate Director of Bands, Director of the Marching Illini, Director of the Fighting Illini Athletic Bands, and Clinical Associate Professor of Music, is the driving force behind the university’s renowned musical ensembles. He shared insights into his multifaceted career and the teamwork that makes it all possible. He emphasizes that the success … Continue reading Notes of Unity with Barry Houser

Incoming: New and Improved Baler

Take a look at how huge this real life WALL-E is. This isn’t some far-off, future alien world though; this is right on campus at the Waste Transfer Station (WTS). F&S is working on integrating a new and improved baler machine that will more safely and efficiently do its work, something that advances the university’s sustainability and zero waste initiatives. The baler is a piece … Continue reading Incoming: New and Improved Baler

Mike Larson, F&S Abbott Power Plant, gives a tour to local girl scouts

Girl Power: Education at Abbott

Local girl scouts came on a Saturday morning to learn about the utility systems operated at Abbott Power Plant. Associate professor in Civil and Electrical Engineering (CEE) in the Grainger College of Engineering, Ashlynn Stillwell helped organize and manage the groups and distributed safety and personal protective equipment (PPE). Stillwell is also the former Central Illinois Girl Scout leader. Kids toured the power plant with … Continue reading Girl Power: Education at Abbott

1901 photo of Davenport Hall.

Two Acres at the Root of University History

Story by Dave Evensen, LASHistoric photo courtesy of the University of Illinois Archives Originally called the Agriculture Building, Davenport Hall helped define the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) and the layout of campus itself. Burrill Inspires Davenport: “This is Illinois…” There are walks in the park and then there are walks that affect the course of university history for the next 128 years, … Continue reading Two Acres at the Root of University History

F&S Insider: Volume 6, Issue 1

Letter from the Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director When you imagine the U of I campus landscape, what do you picture? Many might think of the Main Quad, or perhaps University Housing and internationally renowned athletics facilities. Maybe the Bardeen Quad and its access to the Grainger College of Engineering and the Boneyard Creek brings you memories. The Illini Grove provides an escape from … Continue reading F&S Insider: Volume 6, Issue 1