Ironworkers and Operator Engineers installing safer bridge over the Boneyard Creek.

Making It Safe: A New Green Boneyard Bridge

Ironworkers make things safer.

In the end, their repairs to a bridge over the Boneyard Creek will last decades and allow safe passage between student housing and buildings on the Grainger College of Engineering Quad. The now-bright green bridge is just north of the Astronomy Building.

The culprit causing damage was rust, which disintegrated parts of the bridge bottom.

F&S ironworkers Mike Paris and Rene Algiene replaced the bottom with a rust-proof material and made engineer-approved weld revisions in the handles and vertical bars.

“This work has improved over the original build design to withstand the harsh Midwest elements even better,” said ironworker foreperson Todd Hawkins. “Thank you to Mike and Rene for all their hard work and effort on this project.”

More ironworkers and operator engineers worked to both remove and re-install.