Summertime Construction

When the COVID-19 pandemic response started in March 2020, hammers stopped hammering and construction came to a standstill for some time. But once health and safety measures were taken into place, F&S Capital Programs had plenty to tackle.

The university decided to suspend construction activities for certain capital improvement, small construction, and energy conservation projects. Now, a summer full of construction again hits the Illinois campus.

More than 55 construction projects worth approximately $340M are being constructed during the summer months. See this map for some notable projects, some of which may be done by the time you read this!

Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

The newly-named building is nearing substantial completion and features an addition of more than 28,000 square feet, while 66,000 square feet was renovated. Before the printing of this issue, construction was 85 percent complete. Construction completion could come by the time you read this! Terrazzo flooring was installed throughout the first floor; new lighting has gone up, and wood grille ceilings and sound baffles are in, too. Parking lots and entrances are also being improved. The building will feature new instructional labs, maker spaces, community spaces, and active-learning classrooms.

Siebel Center for Design

New grass is sprouting and signs of spring are all around as morning sunlight illuminates the east-facing entrance to the Sibel Center for Design in Champaign on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Interior work continues as the building nears its completion. SCD’s mission and main idea include practicing, modeling, and teaching design thinking in its new space; using human-centered design to work with collaborators to reimagine the University of Illinois campus, community, and collective world. The goal is to open SCD’s doors to faculty, staff, and students in every discipline this fall semester. The community will also be welcome to check out the facility.

Susan and Clint Atkins Baseball Training Center

The Susan and Clint Atkins Baseball Training Center will host training, social, and clubhouse space across 26,000 square feet, including a full-size infield for the Fighting Illini baseball team.

Rex and Alice A. Martin Softball Training Center

The new Rex and Alice A. Martin Softball Training Center will provide a premier indoor performance and development facility for Fighting Illini softball student-athletes. The 13,000 square foot facility will include practice, storage, and social space, in addition to parking.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

The Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is dedicated to the advancement of education, research, and public engagement through the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the performing arts.

Wohlers Hall

The projects will remove and completely reconstruct existing masonry chimneys and fire walls at Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry, Edward R. Madigan Laboratory, and Wohler’s Hall. The inactive chimneys will be removed and capped at the roof level. Any associated equipment will also be removed from flat roof areas with membrane roofs replaced. These repairs were identified as part of the F&S Deferred Maintenance Program.

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