Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Pipes surround us! Inside the hundreds of buildings and acres of land encompassing the Urbana campus, F&S plumbers have a lot of responsibilities to keep liquid moving. They are in charge of all fixtures you’d regularly find in any building, including faucets, toilets, urinals, sinks, drinking fountains, sanitary and storm pump systems, and hot water heat exchangers. The plumbers also repair, maintain, and install more … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Plumbers

Illinois: Let’s Ride!

University of Illinois System faculty, staff, and students can again use a shuttle service to travel back and forth between the Urbana and Chicago campuses for university business, now three days a week. UI Ride resumed operation starting August 17 after trips were canceled due to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This semester, shuttles will make two daily round trips three days a week … Continue reading Illinois: Let’s Ride!

Seeing St. Mary’s in a New Light

St. Mary’s Road is an important corridor on campus, linking south Champaign with key U of I facilities like the National Petascale Computing Facility, home to world-class supercomputers, the Research Park, and of course, access to Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) buildings and parking lots. So, what exactly will you see? Well, for one, you’ll see better. Improved lighting and easy-to-find crosswalks will aid pedestrians … Continue reading Seeing St. Mary’s in a New Light

Red Oak Rain Garden’s Final Phase: The Bridge

The Urbana campus has welcomed a new notable landmark: the recently redesigned Red Oak Rain Garden, complete with a brilliant, locally culled wood pedestrian bridge. Completed in June, the bridge is made of local Black Locust wood from Allerton Park & Retreat Center with high tension cable railing. It is 40-feet long, 42-inches tall, and 9-feet wide. The garden is located in Urbana between Allen … Continue reading Red Oak Rain Garden’s Final Phase: The Bridge

Preparations for In-Person Teaching

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign welcomed the majority of students and faculty back to on-site learning. Getting to that reality has taken courageous leadership and quick functioning administrative action, but just as important, actual work on the front lines. The F&S HVAC Response Team, a collection of a handful of experts from across … Continue reading Preparations for In-Person Teaching

Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S

To best explore a potential career in the crafts and trades, local high school students were able to walk a mile in tradespeople’s shoes. Or in this case, carry the 40-pound tool strap of ironworker Erik “Cable” Davis. “It’s not too heavy now, but carry it on your back for a full day’s work and you’ll feel it,” Davis explained to groups visiting teens. Many … Continue reading Student Program Brings Next Generation to Tour F&S

F&S, UIPD Help Save a Life

Brian Barto (water station), Lucas Burton, and Bryan Helfrich (carpenters) recently exhibited calm and grace under pressure when they assisted another F&S employee, Vinh Nguyen, who was experiencing a life-threatening health emergency. Their quick action allowed emergency personnel to get to the scene quickly to administer life-saving techniques and transport him to the hospital. “I and my family are forever grateful to everyone who was … Continue reading F&S, UIPD Help Save a Life

Letter from Dr. Ehab Kamarah

As the university welcomes students back to on-campus learning, we again recognize the efforts of those like our building service workers, who adjust to new challenges brought by the response to the pandemic, and other staff who stayed on the front lines even during the height of stay-at-home orders. Properly and safely running essential services across campus had to continue. And yet our staff continue … Continue reading Letter from Dr. Ehab Kamarah

Shop Spotlight: Elevator Mechanics

F&S elevator mechanics ensure safe operation, maintain each component, and make repairs when necessary. Plus, of course, they are dispatched when an elevator is stuck with passengers aboard in any of 184 buildings with elevators on campus. Two primary styles of elevator populate campus, one the “hydraulic,” the other called “traction.” Essentially, the hydraulic style, uses a piston from below the elevator car to push … Continue reading Shop Spotlight: Elevator Mechanics

From Good Intentions to Energy Generation

By Colleen Ruhter, F&S Safety and Compliance Did you know just 60-70 percent of food in the United States is actually eaten? The other part is wasted – either during production, distribution, preparation (peeling, chopping), or is simply not eaten by the consumer. At Illinois’ six main dining facilities, over 3,500 pounds of food waste per day is generated (from loss during preparation and what … Continue reading From Good Intentions to Energy Generation